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Desmond Worrell, BSc., M.Phil., Ph.D., RDCS
Senior Science Educator
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Dr. Desmond Worrell is a science educator, trained Agronomist and Postharvest Consultant with over 30 years of experience as a practitioner in this field. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy, and over the years, he has gained specific experience in tropical fruit development, fruiting, and ripening characteristics. He enjoys production agriculture and has taught agricultural and science courses from the secondary school level, through to university. Dr. Worrell holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology and has a medical certification as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (RDCS).

Dr. Worrell has an extensive and successful teaching background, having founded and managed a tutoring business in 2010 in Atlanta, GA providing tutoring services in elementary education through to post-graduate students. His expert tutoring and engaging interventions in content areas such as, English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biochemistry successfully improved students’ grades helping them to achieve academic success.

Dr. Worrell understands the importance of encouraging underprivileged students, and thus, successfully collaborated with organizations such as University Instructors in Richmond, VA and Tutor Vision in Atlanta, GA to work directly with underperforming students in schools helping to improve their performances in preparation for grade levels assessments. As a result of Dr. Worrell’s tutoring and mentoring, many students have been academically successful and have entered careers such as in Engineering, Environmental Science, Medicine, Biochemistry, Computer Engineering, Architecture and Education.

As an Agronomist, he is excited about growing and producing food because it should be ‘our medicine.’ However, as a science educator he is enthusiastic about leading students to a deeper understanding of science as a foundation for achieving their future personal and professional goals in their field of study.

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