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Kathleen Callender, B.Sc. (Agri), MBA, Cert.(Marketing)

Consultant/Tutor Special Needs & STEM

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Mrs. Kathleen Callender is an innovative, critical thinker who possesses significant experiences based on a career of over 30 years in the energy, transportation and education sectors. Ms. Callender is an honors graduate, from the University of the West Indies, where she gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. She  holds a MBA in business, from Heriot Watt,  with a special focus on marketing, and completed marketing leadership at the Kellogg Business School. After a short work stint in the airline industry focusing on ground transportation, she joined the corporate energy sector where she excelled in several areas; including marketing, leadership, international sponsorship and procurement just to name a few. 

Mrs. Callender is a strong advocate for Special Needs Education(SEN) and has devoted over 10 years to delivering student support at the elementary and secondary levels. She is committed to implementing learning and development strategies that are student-centric designed to benefit all students, while supporting teachers with pedagogical techniques that engage students. 


We at Leveling-up Learning Institute (LULI) welcome Mrs. Callender to the organization, and appreciate her strong corporate business background, wealth of knowledge and varied skills set.

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