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The Tools Needed

to discover their potential


At Leveling Up Learning Institute, we put students first. As a premier online learning platform, we have customized techniques and teaching methods that guarantee students better success. We offer individualized, small group tutoring, professional development and educational resources. Get in touch to begin your path to success.


This is a new time of learning where students are at the heart of the education system. As future 21st Century leaders and civic minded members of society, they need to show up and engage in the learning process.


As champions of students with learning challenges, we recognize that many students struggle in educational environments that are not supportive of their development.  At LULI our focus is on building student resilience through engaging formal and informal systems which are user-friendly, robust alternative systems of learning (ALS).


Our engaging system allows your child to boost their learning and skills development through brain-based online, blended, self-paced or modular-based learning with guidance from mobile teachers.


Our vision is a world where every child succeeds through Level-up strategies that allow them to successfully meet the challenges of the world. (Schedule Consult)

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Professional Guidance: Providing individualized and small group professional development using research and evidence-based strategies.


Meaningful Collaborations:
We will work with you to provide digital innovations to enhance your instructions.

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Committed To Results:
Working with students and teachers, we are committed to positive results.


Our education consultations focus on:

  1. Advocating for special needs education

  2. Supporting parents by providing appropriate information

  3. Engaging students with learning challenges

  4. Leveling-up teachers through professional development

Click on area to see why they are important to your child's overall education experience


“As a student in ninth grade, I struggled with learning because of ADHD and was a low average student. At that time, I met Dr. Francis who was then a student-teacher, and it was clear to me that he had a natural love for teaching, helping, and inspiring kids to learn. With his help, I gained confidence and the study skills to become successful. His natural ability to inspire students has guided them into numerous careers. I, therefore, highly recommend him as an educator  with a wealth of knowledge who can help you succeed.”

Lennard S. - Manager Global Experience DNA, Nike

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